AWebber Plugin Error

If you use the Awebber sidebar widget plugin, you may have noticed this little error message keeps appearing. There a couple of things that can cause this:You changed your Awebber username or passwordYou have tried to use the same key in too many installationsThe easy fix is to generate a new key for every installation using the Awebber plugin or every time you update your login information. … [Continue Reading]

WordPress Membership Plugins for 1ShoppingCart

When it comes to WordPress and membership plugins, your options are plentiful. But, what if you want to integrate your membership plugin with or one of it's branded partners? Unfortunately, you don't have quite as many options; … [Continue Reading]

Change Default Genesis Text Header with Manual Title Link

There are a number of reasons you might want to use WordPress Multi-Site to run all of your companies websites, but those are for another post.  In some cases, you may want to have all the sites look the same and for consistency ; this means we need … [Continue Reading]